What does "yoga" mean to me?  

Yoga means ‘union’ or an integration of all aspects of personal well-being. My classes are designed to attend to the physical dimension of yoga practice, as well as incorporate emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. This provides participants with tools and practices that support their evolving yoga practice both on and off the mat. My program is designed to take participants from their current health status, provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that accommodates individual differences, and then encourage them to progress toward optimal fitness. Through individual and collective Yoga practice, we develop and nurture personal, inner power to respond effectively to daily life and to effect meaningful, lasting change.

Through Yoga teaching, as well as information and tools that are offered through my website, I invite others to join me in living a passion-filled and Inspired Life: Healthy Body, Mind & Spirit!

Services I offer: 

My Hatha Yoga classes are designed to develop flexibility, strength and endurance over time. As we age, strength and endurance tend to decline. However, the very good news is that flexibility can be gained and maintained throughout the life cycle! So, we begin where we currently are and progress to an optimal state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being; regardless of age and stage. 

My classes have evolved over the last 2-3 years to incorporate more conscious attention to meditation and breathing techniques that support the physical poses or asanas. This results in deep relaxation and more restful sleep; improved concentration and focus; and improved mood or ability to respond to the ongoing demands of daily living. Application is obvious and immediate in transferring these skills to the workplace, home or sporting activities such as golf. 

I help students select classes by encouraging them to come and try a complimentary class. This provides a feel for how I approach teaching, the pace and tone of the class, as well as how the class aligns with client goals or current physical abilities / limitations or injuries. I offer flexibility in scheduling, with options of day-time or evening classes, to respect life demands and busy schedules.

Yoga Classes

Barb offers a series of Hatha Yoga classes in the Fall, Winter & Spring seasons. With a hiatius for the summer months.

A variety of times are available to suit your schedule. For more information or to register, contact milneb@telus.net

Maintain flexibility and keep fit all year long!


  • Fall series begins Mon Sept. 24th & Tues 25th
  • Daytime class: 9:30am on both Monday and Tuesday
  • Evening class: Monday at 7 pm; Tuesday at 5:30 pm
  • Located in Ottewell / Bonnie Doon area of Edmonton
  • Series fee @ $13 per class (each 90 min) (12 week series = $156.00)
  • Drop in fee @ $17 per class

Suitable for all fitness levels


For more information, locations, or to register, please contact:

Barb Milne (YAA Certified Instructor) at

(780) 469 – 5897 or milneb@telus.net