I provide custom workshops for various groups who are interested in supporting wellness initiatives for staff or membership. Topics may include: Yoga in the workplace (relaxation, reduce physical / emotional strain & stress); Chair Yoga (limited mobility or confined space); Meditation Tools (improve motivation, concentration & focus, release creative energy, reduce anxiety); Yoga Fore Golf (promote range of motion, improved performance, injury prevention and recovery); The Yoga of Art (release, unleash creative passion and remember play!).

How do you select someone to be part of your team?

In teaming up to create and offer yoga workshops, I seek others who provide a unique professional expertise in a given area, along with an appreciation for a variety of teaching methods to meet diverse learning needs of participants. In this way, workshops are not generic. Rather they are context specific and responsive to participant needs. For example, the Yoga Fore Golf workshops are offered in collaboration with Steve Lauder, CPGA teaching professional. We share a similar philosophy and approach to helping participants gain golf skills and improve flexibility through yoga in ways that are very accessible and non-threatening (aka have fun!).  

Yoga Fore Golf

Barb Milne (Hatha Yoga Instructor) and Steve Lauder (CPGA Golf Professional) team up to provide classes to improve flexibility, core strength and focus to allow you to play your best golf ever!

For more information or to register for the Yoga Fore Golf Workshops, contact