Client Feedback

What makes my classes different? What are the valuable features of my classes:

Here are some participant responses and comments:

- Classes incorporate 2 Savasana periods between sets, provide opportunity for us to benefit from (or integrate???) the previous exercises within our bodies and then (the 2nd one) to transition us to 're-enter' the world. In some ways it is a metaphor for the benefit of pacing ourselves - sort of a contrast to the heavy workout model where the benefit is to push, push, push. With your practice, you encourage us to reflect on the miracle of our bodies, and of the work we have been able to do on the mat that day.

- you remind us not to judge ourselves, and not to compare what we do one day with what we have been able to do other days or what the next person can do; it helps keep us in the moment

- the gratitude and respect you demonstrate in your teaching is reflective of yourself both as an individual and a practitioner. You teach us both the techniques and the values - that is one of the things that makes your class unique. You caution us and encourage us - to push ourselves but respect what our bodies are saying.

- your accommodations are done with the same philosophy - not focusing on limitations but on abilities (eg.) with a post surgical client you have talked about respecting the healing that is being done and using our breath to promote healing.

- I really like the context you develop with your classes - your 'talk' - you teach us the techniques and the benefits, but also remind us of the philosophy behind yoga - its development, etc.; you balance this with 'real life' examples - golf, kitchen work, etc.; this helps to integrate the practice with daily living, and so extends the benefits.

 - Postures can always be  modified to accommodate handicaps, injuries etc

- Postures are always demonstrated first. The instructor indicates which parts of the body will feel the stretch and the rationale for each particular exercise.

- Each sequence of classes begins with gentle maneuvers and becomes more sophisticated as the course progresses

- I realize how complex your teaching is - like most good teachers you teach at a variety of levels - not just in terms of levels of yoga but the depth of what you say. Lots of what you say can be of benefit in a day to day way, but also give me lots to think about over time.